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Mother’s Day Body Care Routine Gift Set 3:

  1. Start Fresh with Soap: Use the F&W Paris So White Soap to clean your skin and make it look bright and fresh.
  2. Cream for Bright Skin: Next, apply the So White Skin Perfector Cream. It helps even out your skin tone, reduces dark spots, and gives your skin a nice glow.
  3. Serum for a Smooth Look: Use the So White Brightening Serum to make your skin look smooth and even.
  4. Moisturize Deeply: Pamper your skin with the So White Maxi Tone Body Lotion. It hydrates your skin and makes it look light and smooth.
  5. Finish with a Shower Gel: End your routine with the So White Shower Gel. It cleans deeply and leaves your skin smelling great.

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Mother’s Day Body Care Routine Gift Set-3

So White Body Moisturizers. Rejuvenate, Evens Skin Tone and Complete Body Nourishment | Pack of 5 Products


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