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Premium Brightening Cream – Glow Essential | Exclusive

Premium Brightening Cream Cream Face & Body | 180ml

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Exclusive Super Hydrating Body Lotion

Super Hydrating Body Lotion for sublimated skin I 400ml

cream gel
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Exclusive Cream Gel

Brightening cream gel | 30ml

brightening body lotion
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Brightening Body Lotion | Exclusive

Brightening body lotion for a radiant skin | 500ml

fair and white exfoliating soap
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Exfoliating Soap | Exclusive

Exfoliating Soap for cleansing | 200g

fair and white serum exclusive whitenizer
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Brightening Serum | Exclusive

Brightening serum for face and body | 30ml

good fade cream
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Exclusive Clarifiance Fade Cream

Brightening cream for face | 200ml

brightening face cream
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Brightening Cream – Face | Exclusive

Brightening cream for face | 50ml

best whitening shower gel
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Exclusive Brightening Shower Gel

Brightening Shower Gel Pomegranate and Melon extracts | 1000ml

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fair and white maxi tone
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Maxi Tone Lotion | Exclusive

Brightening Body Lotion | 250ml

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