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About us

About Fair and White

Fair & White Paris is an emblematic French brand of skin care product for more than 25 years. Expert in black and mixed beauty, its mission is to offer black and mixed women clear, bright, healthy, and beautiful skin.

Our skincare products target skin discoloration in various aspects: brown spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone, dark circles and hyper pigmentation.Fair & White Paris condemn any form of discrimination and don’t tolerate the use of products for bleaching. All our products are used for radiant, bright and even-looking complexion.

Fair & White Paris helps and encourages all women — young and mature — to take care of their skin with appropriate and quality products. Fair & White Paris is making good on its promise to delight women with soft, delicate, moisturizing, non-oily, entrancing scents. The idea is to make women enjoy using their body products.

Fair & White Paris beauty care products marketed throughout the European territory comply with current cosmetics legislation in Europe. Each product is assessed by an independent expert and has a security certificate.

Fair & White Paris products are sold only on our online shop is the official online store for France and Europe. We also work with resellers in France and Europe for the distribution of our products. Fair & White Paris products are also available in many stores in France0,00 €ope, USA, Africa and in the Middle East.

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