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SOAP: With its delicately sugary scent, FAIR&WHITE carrot Soap cleans, exfoliates and tones your skin while caring for your epidermis. Contains micronized apricot stones and carrot oil. For a soft and glow skin. SHOWER

GEL: The F&W Carrot Shower Gel, with Carrot extracts, offers a genuine moment of vitamin-enhanced and refreshing pleasure. Its velvety texture transforms into a delicate foam, with a subtle sweet fragrance, to cleanse the skin and leave it naturally and beautifully radiant.

Lotion: With its mild, sweet fragrance, F&W carrot body lotion, contains an active brightening ingredient combined with carrot oil, clarifies to even out the complexion whilst nourishing the body. Carrot oil offers nourishing, toning and antioxidant properties. To help your skin regain its radiant soft and clear look. Ideal with F&W carrot soap.


Lotion, Shower Gel, Soap

Technical Information

Shower gel 1000ML

Soap 200G

Lotion 500Ml

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5.00 average based on 3 reviews.

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Ellie Young
Verified Review
This Group helped reduce dark spots and gave my complexion a healthy glow.
Rosie Richardson
Verified Review
I've tried many skincare products, but this Group stands out! It effectively lightened my blemishes and evened out my skin tone
Maisie Hughes
Verified Review
It's gentle on my skin and delivers visible results.


Original Carrot group that exfoliates and tones your skin| Pack of 3 Products

(3 customer reviews)


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