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Transform your daily routine with the luxurious F&W Paris Mother’s Glow Gift Set. Perfect for gifting or self-pampering!

  1. Brightening Oil: Intense moisturizing, clarifying complex, and nourishing sweet effect with almond oil and Vitamin E.
  2. Hydra Sweet Cream: Evens skin tone, reduce dark spots, and revitalizes with a creamy touch.
  3. Brightening Body Lotion: Nourishes, Brightens, and leaves skin satin-smooth with a delightful scent.


Skin Perfector Body Lotion
Brightening Oil
Face and Body Cream


Lotion 500ml
Cream 400ml
Hydra Sweet Brightening Oil 250ml

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So White Mother’s Glow Moisturizing Routine Gift Set

So White Nourishing, Brightening, and Moisturizing Routine Set | Pack of 3 Products


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