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So White Mother’s Care Routine Gift Set

  1. So White Soap: Cleanses and gently exfoliates your skin, making it smooth and bright.
  2. Hydra Sweet Cream: Improves skin tone, reduces dark spots, and gives a glowing look. It’s creamy but not greasy.
  3. Brightening Body Lotion: Moisturizes and lightens skin tone, leaving skin soft with a nice scent.
  4. Shower Gel: Refreshes and cleans your skin during your daily shower, leaving a light fragrance.



Hydra Sweet Face and Body Cream, Skin Perfector Body Lotion, Brightening Shower Gel, Exfoliating Soap


Soap 200g
Lotion 500ml
Shower Gel 1000ml
Cream 400ml

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So White Mother’s Glow Body Care Routine Gift Set

So White Kit for Bright, Clean, Soft and Smooth Glowing Skin | Pack of 4 Products


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