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Discover the “F&W Anti Aging Set” by Fair and White Paris, your secret to glowing, younger-looking skin. This set combines the magic of AHA with special formulas for brightening and anti-aging. Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Original Brightening Body Lotion – AHA-2: Softens and brightens your skin, making it look fresh and feel smooth without any stickiness.
  2. Gold Brightening Cream With AHA: A creamy touch to lessen wrinkles and brighten your skin, leaving it soft and young.
  3. Gold AHA Brightening Lotion: A special lotion that fights aging signs, moisturizes, and gives your skin a shiny, golden glow.
  4. So Carrot Flawless Peeling Soap – Exfoliating Soap: This soap gently removes dead skin and nourishes with carrot extract, making your skin smooth and bright.

With the “F&W Anti Aging Set,” your skin care routine will elevate, bringing out your skin’s youthful glow. Let Fair and White Paris help you look more radiant than ever.


Lotion 350ml
Cream 75ml
Lotion 485ml
Soap 200g

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F&W Anti Aging Set

F&W Anti Aging Set for Youthful, Radiant Skin | Pack of 4 Products


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