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Mothers Glow Special Gold Body Routine Gift Set:

  • Gold Intense Argan Oil Serum: Revitalizes and hydrates, boosting skin’s elasticity and glow.
  • Gold Nutri-Active Anti-Stretch Marks Oil: Targets and reduces stretch marks, enhancing skin’s smoothness and elasticity.
  • Gold Maxi Tone Lotion: Lightens dark spots and evens skin tone, while moisturizing for a brighter complexion.
  • Gold Exfoliating Shower Gel Scrub: Gently exfoliates and cleanses, leaving skin refreshed and radiant.
  • Gold Argan Radiance Shower Gel: Cleanses and moisturizes, promoting naturally soft and radiant skin.





Gold Intense Argan Oil Serum, Gold Nutri-Active Anti-Stretch Marks Oil, Gold Maxi Tone Lotion, Gold Exfoliating Shower Gel Scrub, Gold Argan Radiance Shower Gel


Serum  30ml
Lotion  350ml
Shower Gel 1000ml
Exfoliating shower Gel 940ml
Oil 200ml

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Mothers Glow Special Gold Body Routine Gift Set

Gold Kit for Bright, Clean, Soft and Smooth Glowing Body | Pack of 5 Products


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