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Introducing Fair and White Paris’s “Original Anti Dark Spot Set” for a luminous, spotless complexion:

  1. Gold Radiance Booster Anti-Dark Spot Luminizing Concentrate: A concentrate that brightens and reduces dark spots, enhancing skin’s natural glow.
  2. Gold Revitalizing Fade Cream: Nourishes and fades dark spots for smooth, evenly toned skin with a luxurious gold-infused formula.
  3. Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion: Hydrates and fades dark spots, leaving skin soft, luminous, and even-toned with quick-absorbing gold particles.

Experience transformative skincare for a flawless complexion with this premium set.



Gold Radiance Booster concentrate
Gold Revitalizing Fade Cream
Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion


Concentrate 15ml
Cream 50ml
Lotion 500ml

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Gold Anti Dark Spot Set

Gold Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Set | For Luminous, Even-Toned, Radiant Skin | Pack of 3 Products


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